Urban and Rural

Farming Communities

-they have many resources including fruits and vegetables
-another resource they have is animals (cows, pigs, chickens, goats)
-they have less pollution
-there is lots of open space
-generally they have a smaller population

For all of these reasons we know that a farming community is a rural community.

Fishing Community

-usually a smaller population
-the main resource is fish and seafood
-have to be near a lake, river or ocean
-fishing is the main job in fishing communities, many other jobs are related to processing the fish
-main transportation are ships, boats, cars, some trains, trucks and buses

We think that a fishing community can be either an urban or rural community depending on many things.

Large Cities

-have a large population
-many types of occupations and many of each one
-provide a wide variety of services (police, medical care, restaurants, hotels)
-have more pollution created by factories and vehicles

Therefore we know that larger cities are urban areas.
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