Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Meet the Early Settlers

What do you think it would be like to be Sadie and her family being in a ship for 6 weeks?


  1. I think being Sadie and her family will be exhausting because you’re not in your home sweet home, you’re in a ship with other people sick and dying in the ship and you could see them every day. I think being Sadie and her family will be also exhausting because I have to eat oatmeal every single day and the belly of the fish is always crowded so I think it will be exhausting.

  2. I think being Sadie and her family on a ship for 6 weeks will be scary because I wouldn’t like to have to starve to death. Sometimes when there is no food in my fridge my tummy starts to rumble and usually I cry for 2 minutes. So when Sadie and her family and other people had nothing to eat and drink they are maybe thinking they want to live somewhere better, so now they are probably staved for food everyday. I hate living in this ratty ship it is so boring, but I’ll live, and I maybe have to deal with it.


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