Monday, March 15, 2010

Mystery Story

Here is a great example of a mystery story written by one of our students. Enjoy!

The murder mystery of Dr. Burns

Hi, I’m Terence. I work for the police, and I’m a detective. One nice day, a young police said “Dr. Burns died at the train station.”

We all got in the van and zoomed to the train station. Once we got there, there was no sign of anyone! But Dexter the dog spotted fresh car tracks out side the train station. We followed the car tracks, and realized that it was from Dr. Burn’s car!

The car tracks led us to the Central park and a red minivan. We peeked inside the back seat and saw Dr. Burns, dead with 3 shots in his heart!

Dexter & I spotted a whole lot of fingerprints. We brought them to Dr. Jack the scientist to analyze the fingerprints.

When we got to Dr. Jack’s lab, we spotted him working on a robot. “Hello!” Dr. Jack yelled. “What brought you folks?” I showed him the finger prints. He then analyzed the finger prints and told us that the finger prints were Dr. Hunters finger prints. (Dr. Hunter is a very good friend of mine!)

We all got in the car and drove to Dr. Hunter’s house. We knocked on Dr. Hunter’s door and he came to the door himself. Dexter jumped on the “killer” and we took him to jail.

Now, we went back to Dr. Burns’s body and spotted a note on his chest. It said “The real shooter lives at 22 Ave drive.” We realized that we’ve arrested the wrong person. We drove to the real shooter, arrested him and finally released Dr. Hunter.

The end

By: Terence


  1. I really like your story!
    I wish it was a book!
    I want to keep on reading!

  2. I like your story!!!!!!!!!!

  3. WOW! Like Lureen, said I want to read on and also it is like a book.



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