Thursday, June 17, 2010


In class we have been reading and writing fables. Here is an example of one of our fables.


by: Hayley

One day there was a big race and five friends were in it and they are Mike the lizard, Hayley the cat, Megan the monkey, Leila the fish and Madison the dog. They were all best friends, except for Mike. He was mean and he thought that he was the fastest, so they decided to have a big race! Mike was in it and he laughed so hard because he thought that we were all going to lose.

“Hey what’s up?” said Mike.

“Nothing” said the others

“So when are we doing this race?” asked Mike




“Soon!” they agreed.

A few minutes later the race was all set up and ready to go, they were all ready and they planned to go as fast as possible and try to win to teach Mike a lesson to not trick animals to win the race. So Leila the fish was swimming SUPER fast in her fish bowl and Megan the monkey was swinging from branch to branch really fast. Madison the dog and Hayley the cat were tied with Mike so Leila gave Hayley her fish bowl and Hayley poured it on Mike’s head and Mike the lizard stopped and it was a tie between Hayley and Madison so Mike lost and they won.

The next day Mike came over to their house and said “I’m sorry for showing off and cheating, You deserve the trophy.” So they forgave Mike and Megan the monkey brought popcorn to celebrate and all the animals were friends again and they all watched movies and lived happily ever after.

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