Thursday, June 10, 2010

Grade 3 year

What advise can you give a grade 2 student about grade 3?

easiest thing
hardest thing
what you enjoyed about grade 3


  1. I like grade 3 it is fun! The easiest thing was doing the celery experiment and doing math questions. The hardest thing about grade 3 was doing group work problems and doing EQAO. My favourite thing was doing Lego robotics, adding, subtracting, multiplying and doing division. But one of my most favourite things o f all is spending time with my teacher Mrs.pessoa. I love grade 3 it was really my favourite year of all! I'm sure you will all do fine in grade 3 and make sure you work hard too. Pessoa 8

  2. What I would give a grade 2 advice about grade 3 is that the easiest thing about is you could tell the teacher if you need help on something.The hardest thing is that you have to do eqao all by yourself and you can't stand up or talk to anyone except for the teacher.In grade 3 I enjoyed mostly art and gym because for gym they teach you stuff you never learned also you get to play fun activities and for art you get to do fun art lessons that you really want to start paying attention.

  3. This is the advice about grade three that I would tell a grade 2.I think the hardest thing is eqao.The easiest thing is art and math.The fun part about grade 3 is that you get to make lego robots.
    pessoa 14

  4. A grade 2 student should not be afraid of grade 3 because there is nothing to worrier about. If your worried about EQAO don't because it is easy.
    I think the hardest thing about grade 3 is writing responses.I am not good at that. I think the easiest thing about grade 3 is time because all you have to o is write the right time. The most thing I enjoyed is math because you can learn about adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing.
    Pessoa 13

  5. In grade 3 you have a lot to do the easiest thing to do is math and language the hardest thing is eqao the the most fun is lago time

    pessoa 21

  6. The advice I would give a grade 2 is that the easiest thing in grade 3 is that you learn to find different ways to write a two digit number like:12. The hardest thing about grade 3 is doing language for E.Q.A.O FOR 1 week from Monday to Thursday and you get 1 pencil,1 ruler, 1 eraser and 3 note books. 1 book is for math and 2 notebooks are for language.The thing I enjoyed most is doing Lego because I'm good at Lego and Lego is really really fun to do!!! Pessoa 12

  7. I can start by saying you can't be late for class or you would be in trouble. you have to know when to put punctuation in your writing work. you have to do your homework no excuse. you have to listen to to the teacher so you don't get stuck on your work.


  8. The easiest thing is math if you like math.
    The hrdist is E.Q.A.O. I like Lego the most.

  9. Grade3 will be okay for a grade2 because there is some easy things like blogging because all you have to do is write your response and then copy it on the computer. Also the hardest thing is EQAO because you get stressed out. I liked Lego robotics.


  10. The easiest thing was witting and poems and reading.The hardiest thing was math like subtracting and more. I enjoyed music gym and recess too.

    pessoa 18

  11. some advise I would like to give to a grade 2 is that grade 3 is harder than grade 2. The easiest thing for me is the math EQAO because I am very good at math. The Hardest thing for me is language because for some things I can't think of any thing to write. I enjoy art the most because it's fun.

    pessoa 19

  12. Grade 3 is very hard but it can be very easy too. What you would enjoy if you would be in Mrs.Pessoa class you would have lego time and bild your own robot. The hardest thing would be EQAO.


  13. I can give a grade 2 student advice about grade 3 easily because when I was in grade 2 there was some one in grade 3 gave me advice about grade 3 out side. I am telling you about cool stuff about being in grade 3.
    1.lots of fun. having chocolate,better.
    3.lots of math.
                          the math is rally ease and fun once you get to know it. the only thing that is hared in math is the  multiplication and division. 
    the easiest thing about math is the mad minute I am not aloud to tell you  one of the answers but I will. 6+9=15. 7+9=16.
    That is all I can tell you just telling you 1 was wrong.try your best to get all the answers write  but some questions are harder.   

  14. Grade 3 is sort of like a review test of grade 2. I'd say the hardest thing about grade 3 is EQAO because there are a lots of hard questions. The thing I liked the most is the Lego robotics because you get to build them program them and even write story about them and the best thing is you get to present to the class.


  15. Grade 3 will be okay to a grade 2 kid because grade 3 is very similar to grade 2. The easiest thing in grade 3 is gym because that doesn't change. The hardest thing in grade 3 is EQAO. It is hard because because you have to do some hard questions. I've enjoyed science because we got to build structures to hold a load (books.) Grade 3 is fun and I think a grade 2 kid would like it.

  16. when you go into grade 3 you will have a eqao test when you are toled you will have a eqao test you will probraly get a bit nervis but when you start it it won't be to bad. A nether thing about grade 3 is that you will have a lot of math questions and languge questions.The eazyist thing about grade 3 is time.Thew hordist thing about grade 3 is math.the thing I enjoyed most is the eqao test.pessoa 5


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